Special Deals

Max LTVInitial RateTermCompletion feeBooking feeIncentivesLender
75%1.9% Fixed2 Years£1995£150.00Free ValuationMortgage Trust Exclusive
75%1.95% Fixed2 Years£1495£150.00Free ValuationMortgage Trust Exclusive
75%2.34% Fixed2 Years£995£150.00Free ValuationMortgage Trust Exclusive
75%2.49% Discount2 Years2%£0.00NoSaffron BS Semi Exclusive
80%2.64% Discount2 Years0%£0.00NoHanley Economic Exclusive
75%2.95% Fixed5 Years2%£150.00Free ValuationMortgage Trust Exclusive
75%3.24% Tracker0 Years1.25%£0.00NoN & P Ltd Company
75%3.3% Tracker2 Years1.5%£100.00NoAxis Bank Standard Basic Rate and Ltd Co
75%3.49% Fixed2019-06-301.5%£150.00NoLandbay Semi-Exclusive
75%3.59% Fixed2022-06-301.75%£150.00NoLandbay Semi-Exclusive
70%3.79% Fixed5 Years1.3%£125.00NoDudley Exclusive
75%3.85% Fixed5 Years0.5%£150.00NoParagon Premier Basic Rate & Ltd Company
75%3.88% Fixed5 Years2%£100.00NoAxis Specialist Basic Rate and Ltd Co
75%3.89% Fixed2022-06-301.75%£150.00NoLandbay Semi-Exclusive HMO Limited Company
75%3.99% Fixed5 Years0.5%£150.00NoParagon Premier HMO & LTD Company
80%4.89% Discount3 Years2%£0.00NoSaffron BS Semi Exclusive